Workshop Programme

Venue: Room 316, Squires Building, City Campus, Northumbria University.

10.15 Welcome

10.30 Panel One – Historical Imaginings

Stan Neal (Northumbria University): ‘Beef-Eating Man’: Imagining British Workers in the Australian Newspaper Press of the Mid-Nineteenth Century.

André Keil (Northumbria University): ‘For whose King and
whose country? Discourses and Representations of  Britishness in the First World War.

Keith Larson (Glasgow Caledonian University): An Imperial Race, sans Empire.

12.00 Lunch

12.45 Panel Two– Cultural Britishness

Toby Manning (The Open University): ‘A Deep Love of England’: The British Nation in John Le Carré’s Cold War novels.

Francesco Buscemi (University of Stirling): How Television Constructs Britain Through Food.

Peter O’Connor (Northumbria University): ‘The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants’: Thomas Jefferson, democratic extremism and the development of a British political identity, 1800-1865

2.15  Break

2.30 Panel Three– Contested Identities

Gains Murdoch (University of Aberdeen): Did Empire really forge the Union?

Christopher Hill (University of Birmingham): ‘We were the last Imperialists’: Perceptions of Britain in the Radical Movement to Ban-the-Bomb.

4.00 Tea/Coffee Break

4.15 Keynote Address: Professor Paul Ward, University of Huddersfield

5.30 CLOSE


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