Why (Mis)representations of Britishness?

With Scotland gearing up for an historic national debate on its constitutional future and Englishness receiving timely academic attention, today ‘Britishness’ seems a more contested term than ever before. Recent conspicuous displays of Britishness, such as the royal wedding in 2011 and this year’s ‘Jubolympics’, have reignited popular and scholarly interest in the many competing national and regional identities of the British Isles.This has prompted us to consider the way in which academic study can be influenced by these identities.

The organisers of this workshop each have their own ideas about what Britishness means to them, making for numerous debates in the course of planning the event! Two Scots – each with opposing views about the future of the Union – and an Englishwoman with dual British-New Zealand citizenship, ensure a unique perspective on this hot topic.

We’re looking forward to hearing from postgraduate researchers from across these islands as we end a year of heightened national consciousness by debating the (Mis)representations of Britishness.


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